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Last of the Wine

All the kvetching that fits after the day's writing is done.

Last of the Wine (After the day's writing is done)
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Added 12/5/2004: While this community was created for the 2004 NaNoWriMo, it will remain active for people interested in an ongoing support community for original fic.

Community Moderator: baranduin

This community is for LJ people interested in November's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Now, I know that there is already at least one LJ community, but it's really big which is scary to me. What I want to do is kvetch about the experience to a smaller group.

I've made the community a moderated one -- what that means is if you want to join, I'll have to approve it. I'm happy to have anyone on my friends list join *and* I'm happy to have people on my friends list advertise this to their friends list. Once you're a member, you'll have full posting access. I will not be posting a notice of this to that community that advertises new communities.

I know that I'll be making all my posts viewable only to the community though of course everyone is free to set their security level at whatever level is comfortable.

If you're not a writer but would like to listen to kvetching and provide encouragement (or pointing and laughing), feel free to join.

If you are planning on doing the NaNoWriMo and are interested in this community but you're not comfortable about disclosing your user name in NaNoWriMo, no worries. You can join and kvetch without providing any identifying details about your NaNoWriMo persona :-)

Other than the Mary Renault reference, the community name means (to me) that what's in the community is what you come up with after you've finished your daily allotment of writing :-) OK, I'm reaching, LOL!

Once you've joined the community, don't forget to friend it if you want to see the posts on your flist :-)

Added 12/5/2004: This community will remain active for people interested in a support community for original fic.